Tricky jockey

jokeyHow to win race after losing it?

Curious case occurred in New Zealand. It happened hearing jockey David Walker, who has marked a bet on the opponent, with whom he participated in one race, thus it ensured the victory of the enemy in the race to win the bet. The Board of the Department of integrity races (RIU) considers the actions of David are not legitimate, despite the fact that the legislation of the state has no such regulations; code of conduct races indicates that the jockey has a right to put a bet on their horses.

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Floyd Mayweather earned three million betting

tbillionIncredible luck o famous boxer.

Over the past three weeks the star of world boxing, Floyd Mayweather has won three million dollars. It turned out that the athlete is interested not just in boxing, but also interested in football. Due to the fact that the athlete was able to predict the outcome of two matches of the National Football League (NFL), he was able to win 1.4 million last weekend. 37-year-old boxer has put 815,000 dollars to win an NFL team, “Denver Broncos” in “New York Jets”. The rate has played only 15 seconds before the end of the match, giving the athlete is not enough reason for excitement.

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The court refused to pay the £ 7,8 млн Phil Ivey

filThe well-known poker player accused of fraud.

The trial, which began in 2012, ended not in favor of a poker pro, accusing him of fraud during a game of Punto Banco one of the oldest casinos in the world in London – Crockfords.

Two years ago, the famous player tore a decent jackpot in London, but the administration refused to pay Crockfords prize, accusing the player of fraud. Then Ivey and decided to go into the legal framework.

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Scandinavia will control online gambling

sweden New standards of online gambling regulations.

Sweden is going to catch the online poker rooms that are evading taxes. Most of the players in Sweden hide their earnings from the state tax agency. Skatteverket will be engaged in the capture of poker pros.

At this time about 50 people whose earnings amounted to about € 28 million were found. Skatteverket applies to foreign companies to provide information about specific users online casinos. The agency Skatteverket satisfied with the work done, but they understand that they cannot control the players playing in the offshore companies, because their data is protected and the company has every right not to disclose information about their players.

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