AzartPlay bonuses


Lucky ticket

Winning the lottery –is a dream for any player. Now chances to rip a jackpot are even higher! Participate in the weekly lottery “lucky ticket”.

Every Sunday 20 winners receive cash prizes.

Lottery tickets can be obtained for deposits from 30 $ / 1500RUB. The larger the deposit, the more tickets you will be credited.

Raffle runs automatically every Sunday. Lucky ticket – is a chance to top up your game account and continue the conquest of the world with renewed powers.


Fateful passion

Women and passion – are two fatal passions which for centuries attract representatives of a strong half of mankind. They are able to turn the head and coerce an incredible accomplishment, beautify the life of the brightest impressions and add emotions in everyday life. The Braves, who are not afraid to plunge into the pool with their head, will get incredible rewards – love, fame and, of course, money.

Feel the atmosphere of fatal passions and to get a decent prize, you can in the same tournament roulette. Make the most net profit of the game and the main prize of the tournament will be yours!



Our every player on his birthday gift can get into your account $ 40 $ (2,000 rubles).
All you need to get the bonus:

  • Scan the identity document, which shows the date of birth
  • The amount of deposits for the time the game is not less than $ 100 (5,000 rubles).
  • Confirm e-mail and phone number.

Game of the day

Spend time for the exciting game and get their rates even more points – this is real action with our new “Game of the day.” Now, every day, you can earn points by special rate improved in one of the games of our casino.

Daily randomly selected game of the day, which brings 30% more points for every bet made by the player. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on an improved course, as well as diversify their gaming history.