SlotVoyager bonuses


Weekly cosmo lottery

Everyone dreams to win the lottery. In SlotVoyager weekly lucky ticket winnings bring five players.

Take part in a weekly lottery to get a ticket for betting. Simply dial in the week wagering on 5000 P / $ 100 and get a lottery ticket. During the week, you can get an unlimited number of tickets.

The prize drawing is done automatically every Sunday at 21:00 Moscow time. Cash prizes are awarded real money immediately after the draw.


Spean the reels

Daily tournament ” Spean the reels ” – is an excellent opportunity to combine winnings and prizes. Make bets and win in any slots, parallel moving higher in the standings. Just do the best possible ratio of winning to bet and win a prize in a tournament.

The prize fund, which will share the lucky ones will be 5000 R.

Minimum bid: 15 RUB / 0.2 USD

Minimum rounds: 50


Gifts for beginners

Beginners are always lucky, and at the casino SlotVoyager especially!

Especially for those who have just decided to embark on the conquest of peaks excitement, we have prepared special gifts. Sign up and choose one of the three on the taste: 20 free spins 5 000r / $ 100 realities on the account or X2 points.

5 000r / $ 100 in real money will add confidence and become a great safety net. Multiply this gift and enjoy the excitement. The third gift – x2 points – suitable for experienced players who know the internal casino currency – is one of the most profitable acquisitions. Just bid in your favorite games and get 2 times more points for them. Remember, the more points you have, the better they can be exchanged for rubles.

Birthday gift

Birthday – is a great occasion for a gift. No player will be left without a present in their holiday. Take 50 free spins and congratulations from Casino Birthday! In order to get a gift, you need to confirm the personal data in your profile and verify your account. Then a few days before the holiday or within 7 days after the contact support.

The amount of deposits in the current year should be between $ 100 .