Cosmic Casino from Playboy

playboyA new incredible project from Hugh Hefner.

Exciting news for the male part of our resource. A favorite men’s magazine Playboy and space tourism operator Virgin Galactic plan to implement a project of cosmic casino. The launch of this project is scheduled on the 2030s to 2040s, and requires considerable investment, since the casino opening in the space not an easy task.

The project will involve the establishment of spacecraft. The main objective is modeling the ship in such a way that its gravitational conditions were as close to Earth. It is worth noting that for all comers will be available opportunity to visit the complete weightlessness in the center of the galactic station.

Galactic ship will have everything for a comfortable stay. The chic rooms, restaurants, shops and recreational facilities, as well as the covered terrace with views of the land. A special timetable will warn guests about the ship closest cosmic phenomena.

At the moment, the development of the design vessel has engaged in a number of companies that already offer their vision of galactic vessel.